الجمعية الأردنية الأمريكية لجنوب كاليفورنيا
Jordanian American Association
of Southern California
16903 Sierra Hwy., Canyon Country, CA 91351

King Hussein.

By Laws

The JAASC 2009 elections has taken place on Dec 25, 2008, in Los Angeles, California, and the nominee Issa Batarsa was elected by a unanimous vote.

For more information on our current president Issa please visit his website at

If you would like to serve on his Cabinet, please read the By Laws and submit a letter stating  your intent. click here

To contact the president by email click here

مواطن اردنى شاهد عيان

We are happy to announce that on December 20, 2008, the establishment of a JAASC branch in Las Vegas, Nevada, with the election of the board and president was overwhelmingly brought to speed.

Click here for more information on the Las Vegas elections



The Al-Akhbar newspaper of Los Angeles, California, celebrated their 14th anniversary by honoring one of the most hard working and dedicated Jordanian American in the Arab community of Los Angeles, Mr. Faris Hilal Haddad, founder of the Jordanian American Association of Southern California

فارس هلال حداد

Owner and publisher of the newspaper, Mr. Samer Saba, gave the award to Mr. Faris Hilal Haddad in front of a large Arab American Community, including active Arab leaders and Syrian super star Kouusay il Khouli.

Faris Hilal Haddad was named "Fairs il Ordon" and more importantly, "Faris il Arab" for his commitment to his fellow man and dedication to the betterment of his community.