Ektimal Qwader

MR.  Faris Aim Ektimal Qwader from Jordan, I was president of Jordanian Association for the year 2000 ,  I live all life childhood and youth in Amman and I graduate from high school from Jordan Queen Zein ELSharaf  ( jabel Amman ), then I went to Egypt  (Cairo) to study interior designer in Fine Arts of Cairo and I get the   Bachelor degree in interior design, working and open an office in Amman called Ishtar decor office, and went to Kuwait to work their and open office there and did many project, come to Los Angeles to work and study to be film maker and Directing, and study also production designer for film and television from UCLA, working also as actress in some role movies and TV. Serious  ,,my Contact : 213-820-0275 or by mail , ektimals@hotmail.com  attach this email my picture